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Houston Texas Tourism – Get Ready To Take The Tour Of H-Town

On a top travel site, there are 280 things to do listed for Houston. I would think that H-Town actually has more attractions than that, but it’s a good start, wouldn’t you say? There are great theaters, wonderful museums, sports centers, parks, breweries and all kinds of unique places of interest. I’m about to get started telling you more about four places in Houston, Texas that you might pick to visit.

The Queensbury Theater is one of the places I picked out, and it’s located at 12777 Queensbury Lane. There are great shows held there, so you’re going to want to look at the event schedule for sure. People say all the seats are great, too. I reviewed another theater in Houston earlier, and people said the same thing about it, too. Recent visitors talk about attending a musical comedy show there.

The Houston Fire Museum is a great place to check out, too. Its location is 2403 Milam Street, and people say it’s packed with history. Even the building is an old fire station, and that is really cool. If you have children with you, there is a play area for them, too, complete with a fire truck cab. And this attraction is yet another place to visit in Downtown Houston, which is full of great stops.

How about a visit to Levy Park? Located at 3801 Eastside, Levy Park features all kinds of things to do and is a hit with the kids. How about some ping pong? There are arts and crafts available, too, and so much more. The park is also dog friendly, and it seems like a great place to have a picnic, too.

The Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve is a natural area in Houston to check out, and the location is 20215 Chasewood Park Drive. Now you might be thinking more about big city attractions, but this would be a nice place to visit off the beaten path. Take a break in between all those city attractions, and enjoy this natural retreat, known as the Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve.

H-Town is full of family fun, and you’re just getting started. When is your vacation? Make plans to visit as many of the top attractions as you can fit in while you’re there. No doubt about it, Houston is always a good time. If this is your first time visiting the city, you’re going to want to come back again and again.

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Early History Of Houston

This article contains some facts about the early history of one of the more popular towns in the United States, Houston, Texas. On April 21, 1836, Sam Houston, a general in the Texas Army, won independence from the Mexicans in a battle called the Battle of San Jacinto. Later in the year, the city of Houston was established by John K. and Augustus C. Allen. These two brothers paid the paltry sum of $1.40 for each acre. They purchased over 6000 acres of land near the Buffalo Bayou headwaters.

During the same year, 1836, Houston also asked Gail and Thomas H. Borden to survey and then map the city’s future site. Gail Borden was a surveyor, publisher, and the originator of condensed milk. The Borden brothers laid out all of the streets in the township of Houston and made them 80 feet wide. However, they made Texas Avenue, the main west-east thoroughfare 100 feet wide.

A year later, 1837, Sam Houston became the first president. Gen. Houston, as president of the Republic of Texas, now signs a document that allowed Houston to incorporate. Houston became the capital city of the Republic during the years 1837 to 1840. Three years later, on April 4, 1840, the Houston Chamber of Commerce was created and consisted of seven local businessman.

In 1842, The Galveston Daily News, the oldest newspaper in Texas, begins publication. Four years later in 1846, Texas is introduced as the 28th state of the United States of America. In the year 1850, the state of Texas has its first census which includes over 2000 residents of Houston. The largest city in Texas at this time is Galveston.

1853 was a notable year as the Brazos-Colorado-Buffalo Bayou Railroad begins operations. It was Houston’s first railroad. During the same time Buffalo Bayou receives $4000 from the Texas Legislature for improvements. Five years later, in 1858, the city of Houston provides $2500 for land purchases and the building of a municipal hospital.

1861 was a turbulent year as both Harris County and Houston vote to secede away from the Union. The first national Bank was founded in 1866. Texas was readmitted into the Union in 1870 and the population of Houston was now over 9000. In 1870, Houston also receives designation from Congress as a port city and at this time the city began to survey and prepare for a proposed future ship channel.